Friday, October 29, 2004

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Osama bin Laden, addressing the American public four days ahead of presidential elections, said in a video aired Friday that the United States can avoid another Sept. 11 attack if it stops threatening the security of Muslims.

Reading a statement, the al-Qaida leader refrained from threats of new attacks and instead appealed to Americans.

"Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands," bin Laden said, referring to the president and his Democratic opponent. "Each state that does not mess with our security, has naturally guaranteed its own security."

Admitting for the first time that he ordered the Sept. 11 attacks, bin Laden said he did so because of injustices against the Lebanese and Palestinians by Israel and the United States.

It was the first footage in more than a year of the fugitive al-Qaida leader, thought to be hiding in the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The video, broadcast on Al-Jazeera television, showed bin Laden with a long gray beard, wearing traditional white robes, a turban and a golden cloak, standing behind a table with papers and in front of a plain, brown curtain........

Bin Laden said he wanted to explain why he ordered the suicide airline hijackings that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon so Americans would know how to avoid "another disaster."

"To the U.S. people, my talk is to you about the best way to avoid another disaster," he said. "I tell you: security is an important element of human life and free people do not give up their security."

He accused President Bush of misleading Americans by saying the attack was carried out because al-Qaida "hates freedom." Bin Laden said his followers have left alone countries that do not threaten Muslims.

"We fought you because we are free .... and want to regain freedom for our nation. As you undermine our security we undermine yours," he said.

He said he was first inspired to attack the United States by the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon in which towers and buildings in Beirut were destroyed in the siege of the capital.

"While I was looking at these destroyed towers in Lebanon, it sparked in my mind that the tyrant should be punished with the same and that we should destroy towers in America, so that it tastes what we taste and would be deterred from killing our children and women," he said.

"God knows that it had not occurred to our mind to attack the towers, but after our patience ran out and we saw the injustice and inflexibility of the American-Israeli alliance toward our people in Palestine and Lebanon, this came to my mind," he said.

Bin Laden suggested Bush was slow to react to the Sept. 11 attacks, giving the hijackers more time than they expected. At the time of the attacks, the president was listening to schoolchildren in Florida reading a book.

"It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face these horrors alone," he said, referring to the number of people who worked at the World Trade Center.

"It appeared to him (Bush) that a little girl's talk about her goat and its butting was more important than the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers. That gave us three times the required time to carry out the operations, thank God," he said.

In planning the attacks, bin Laden said he told Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers, that the strikes had to be carried out "within 20 minutes before Bush and his administration noticed."

The image of bin Laden reading a statement was dramatically different from the few other videos of the al-Qaida leader that have emerged since the Sept. 11 attacks.

The people who are saying today that Saddam was not connected to terrorism are the same people who refused to believe that Bin Laden was responsible for 9-11. Does anyone remember that? Does anyone remember how when the video was recovered of Bin Laden in Afghanistan praising the hijackers and 9-11 people said it was fake? Does anyone remember how people tried to twist Bin Laden's words around and say he was just praising 9-11, not taking responsibility for it? Like it matters? Now here's Bin Laden just laying it out on the line. Is anyone going to apologize for doubting his complicity?
Now Bin Laden, days before our election, releases a tape saying how much he hates Bush. Please tell me that everyone is going to do the sensible thing and vote for Bush! Bin Laden hates Bush, so that's who you should vote for. Doesn't that make sense? I certainly don't think Bin Laden fears France and the United Nations. Bin Laden knows full well that Kerry will let the war on Terror wither on the vine, allowing Bin Laden once more the opportunity to reorganize his forces and bring the fight back to our homeland. Arafat and the Muslim brotherhood also have endorsed Kerry. Wake up America, before it's too late!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Russia tied to Iraq's missing arms - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 28, 2004:

By Bill Gertz

Russian special forces troops moved many of Saddam Hussein's weapons and related goods out of Iraq and into Syria in the weeks before the March 2003 U.S. military operation, The Washington Times has learned.
John A. Shaw, the deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security, said in an interview that he believes the Russian troops, working with Iraqi intelligence, 'almost certainly' removed the high-explosive material that went missing from the Al-Qaqaa facility, south of Baghdad. "The Russians brought in, just before the war got started, a whole series of military units," Mr. Shaw said. "Their main job was to shred all evidence of any of the contractual arrangements they had with the Iraqis. The others were transportation units."
Mr. Shaw, who was in charge of cataloging the tons of conventional arms provided to Iraq by foreign suppliers, said he recently obtained reliable information on the arms-dispersal program from two European intelligence services that have detailed knowledge of the Russian-Iraqi weapons collaboration.
Most of Saddam's most powerful arms were systematically separated from other arms like mortars, bombs and rockets, and sent to Syria and Lebanon, and possibly to Iran, he said.
The Russian involvement in helping disperse Saddam's weapons, including some 380 tons of RDX and HMX, is still being investigated, Mr. Shaw said.
The RDX and HMX, which are used to manufacture high-explosive and nuclear weapons, are probably of Russian origin, he said. "

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

PhotoID: 200410246419
Submitted by: 1st Marine Division
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Sgt. Joseph D. LaBorde, a scout sniper with the Scout Sniper Platoon, Headquarters and Support Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment sights in with an M82A3 Special Applications Scope Rifle. The .50 caliber rifle has stopping power capable of disabling a vehicle by taking out its engine block from great distances.
Photo by: Cpl. Randy Bernard Posted by Hello
Marine Corps News> 1/23 snipers reclaim city from insurgents

Marines from Scout Sniper Platoon, Headquarters and Support Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 7, won a decisive battle against a heavy insurgent threat recently. The snipers were called to action after they received reports that hundreds of heavily armed insurgents, dressed in black garb, were occupying the city. "We are the eyes, ears and trigger finger for the battalion commander," said Sgt. Herbert B. Hancock, the chief scout sniper for the platoon. "Anything that he sees as a threat, we are sent out to check up on."

The snipers were the first Marines to enter the city and observe the threat. Once the snipers had located the insurgents and established positions to assess the situation, the snipers realized just how right the reports had been. "They were all out in the open doing whatever they wanted to," said Hancock, 35, a native of Bryan, Texas. "They were in control of that side of the city, rerouting traffic, threatening to kill people and terrorizing people. Any convoy that looked like it had anything to do with the coalition was attacked and hit by (improvised explosive devices). There were civilians and civilian cars in the area, but they didn't care. They were being blatant about the fact that they were in control."

After witnessing the insurgents pull people from their cars, shoot at civilians and detonate IEDs in the traffic circle, the snipers began to fire at them. Sergeant Milo S. Afong, a sniper with the platoon, took the first shot. "I had a perfect silhouette of his body and his weapon," said Afong, 23, a native of Vista, Calif. "It had been the first time I saw people out here with weapons."

After the first shots were fired and a few insurgents were hit, the masked men in the traffic circle realized they were under attack. "Even more of them showed up carrying (rocket propelled grenades) and AK-47s," said Cpl. Stephen R. Johnson, an assistant team leader with the platoon. "That is when they started shooting back. At first they were fighting us out in the open and behind cars. That wasn't working for them so they got up in the buildings and tried to set up concealed positions and shoot at us."

According to Gunnery Sgt. Timothy J. Dowd, the platoon commander, this battle marks the first time in history that snipers from 1/23 engaged enemy troops and was also one of the largest scale sniper missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. That was the heaviest firefight in the city, according to Johnson. That particular firefight lasted approximately 45 minutes. However, the sniper battle against the insurgents in the area lasted several more days, until their extract. "The whole time it was like we were in a shooting gallery with people shooting at us," said Afong.

The Marines proved themselves as valuable assets to the battalion. "We showed how (a handful of) guys basically eliminated a whole platoon," said Johnson, 24, a native of Woodlands, Texas. "We have proven that snipers are cost effective with lives and rounds. There are no substitutes for snipers on the battlefield." The snipers made it out of the fighting with only minor injuries.
Yahoo! News - Remains of New Species of Hobbit-Sized Human Found:

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists in Australia have found a new species of hobbit-sized humans who lived about 18,000 years ago on an Indonesian island in a discovery that adds another piece to the complex puzzle of human evolution.

The partial skeleton of Homo floresiensis, found in a cave on the island of Flores, is of an adult female that was a meter (3 feet) tall, had a chimpanzee-sized brain and was substantially different from modern humans.

It shared the isolated island to the east of Java with miniature elephants and Komodo dragons. The creature walked upright, probably evolved into its dwarf size because of environmental conditions and coexisted with modern humans in the region for thousands of years.

'It is an extraordinarily important find,' Professor Chris Stringer, of the Natural History Museum in London, told a news conference on Wednesday. 'It challenges the whole idea of what it is that makes us human.'

Peter Brown of the University of New England in Armidale, Australia, and his colleagues made the discovery of the skull and other bones, and miniature tools in September 2003 while looking for records of modern human migration to Asia. They reported the finding in the science journal Nature.

'Finding these hominins on an isolated island in Asia, and with elements of modern human behavior in tool making and hunting, is truly remarkable and could not have been predicted by previous discoveries,' Brown said in a statement.

Local legends tell of hobbit-like creatures existing on islands long ago but there has been no evidence of them.


The hominin family tree, which includes humans and pre-humans, diverged from the chimpanzee line about 7 million years ago. Early African hominins walked upright, were small and had tiny brains.

The new species, dubbed 'Flores man,' is thought to be a descendent of Homo erectus, which had a large brain, was full-sized and spread out from Africa to Asia about 2 million years ago.

The new species became isolated on Flores and evolved into its dwarf form to conform with conditions, such as food shortages. Flores, which was probably never connected to the mainland, was home to a variety of exotic creatures including a dwarf form of the primitive elephant Stegodon.

Modern humans had reached Australia about 45,000 years ago but they may not have passed through Flores. The scientists suspect the new species became extinct after a massive volcanic eruption on the island about 12,000 years ago.

Brown and his colleagues have found the remains of seven other dwarf individuals at the same site since the first find.

'The other individuals all show similar characteristics, and over a time range that now extends from as long ago as 95,000 years to as recently as 13,000 years ago -- a population of hobbits that seemed to disappear at about the same time as the pygmy elephants that they hunted,' said Bert Roberts, one of the authors of the Nature study.

In the last week before the election, ABCNEWS is holding a videotaped message from a purported al Qaeda terrorist warning of a new attack on America, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The terrorist claims on tape the next attack will dwarf 9/11. 'The streets will run with blood,' and 'America will mourn in silence' because they will be unable to count the number of the dead. Further claims: America has brought this on itself for electing George Bush who has made war on Islam by destroying the Taliban and making war on Al Qaeda.

ABCNEWS strongly denies holding the tape back from broadcast over political concerns during the last days of the election.

The CIA is analyzing the tape, a top federal source tells the DRUDGE REPORT.

ABCNEWS obtained the tape from a source in Waziristan, Pakistan over the weekend, sources tells DRUDGE.

'We have been working 24 hours a day trying to authenticate [the tape],' a senior ABCNEWS source said Wednesday morning, dismissing a claim that ABC was planning to air portions of the video during Monday's WORLD NEWS TONIGHT.

The terrorist's face is concealed by a headdress, and he speaks in an American accent, making it difficult to identify the individual.

US intelligence officials believe the man on tape may be Adam Gadhan - aka Adam Pearlman, a California native who was highlighted by the FBI in May as an individual most likely to be involved in or have knowledge of the next al Qaeda attacks.

According to the FBI, Gadahn, 25, attended al-Qaida training camps and served as an al-Qaida translator.

The disturbing tape runs an hour -- the man simply identifies himself as 'Assam the American.'"

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry from
Recovered Vietnam documents
'smoking gun' researchers claim

The first documentary evidence that Vietnamese communists were directly steering John Kerry's antiwar group Vietnam Veterans Against the War has been discovered in a U.S. archive, according to a researcher who spoke with WorldNetDaily.

One freshly unearthed document, captured by the U.S. from Vietnamese communists in 1971 and later translated, indicates the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese delegations to the Paris peace talks that year were used as the communications link to direct the activities of Kerry and other antiwar activists who attended.

Kerry insists he attended the talks only because he happened to be in France on his honeymoon and maintains he met with both sides. But previously revealed records indicate the future senator made two, and possibly three, trips to Paris to meet with Viet Cong leader Madame Nguyen Thi Binh then promote her plan's demand for U.S. surrender.

Jerome Corsi, a specialist on the Vietnam era, told WND the new discoveries are the "most remarkable documents I've seen in the entire history of the antiwar movement."

"We're not going to say he's an agent for Vietnamese communists, but it's the next thing to it," he said. "Whether he was consciously carrying out their direction or naively doing what they wanted, it amounted to the same thing – he advanced their cause."
Algerian Islamists Rattled by Sexual Scandals, Resignation of Leaders

JEDDAH/ALGIERS, 26 October 2004 — Algeria’s largest Islamist political party is teetering on the brink of disintegration amid reports of sexual scandals and the resignation of five of its top leaders.

A spokesman for the Harkat Al-Islah (Movement for Reform) confirmed the resignations yesterday but blamed them on “intrigues by outsiders.”

Led by Abdallah Jaballah, Islah is the second political bloc in the Algerian Parliament. Last April it fielded Jaballah as its candidate in the presidential election, which the incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika won in a landslide. Jaballah came in third.

Scandals surrounding the party broke out earlier this week when a member of the leadership, who must remain anonymous for legal reasons, filed a lawsuit claiming that his wife had been “sexually assaulted” by Sadiq Sulayemah, another party leader.

The plaintiff has accused the party’s leadership of trying to cover up the incident along with other instances of “illegitimate sexual activity” at the highest levels.

In 1992 it was the Iran Contra charges brought days before the election... In 2000 it was the DUI charges a few days before the vote... And Now...


News of missing explosives in Iraq -- first reported in April 2003 -- was being resurrected for a 60 MINUTES election eve broadcast designed to knock the Bush administration into a crisis mode.

Jeff Fager, executive producer of the Sunday edition of 60 MINUTES, said in a statement that 'our plan was to run the story on October 31, but it became clear that it wouldn't hold...'

Elizabeth Jensen at the LOS ANGELES TIMES details on Tuesday how CBS NEWS and 60 MINUTES lost the story [which repackaged previously reported information on a large cache of explosives missing in Iraq, first published and broadcast in 2003].

The story instead debuted in the NYT. The paper slugged the story about missing explosives from April 2003 as 'exclusive.'

An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq.

According to NBCNEWS, the explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived. [VIDEO CLIP]

It is not clear who exactly shopped an election eve repackaging of the missing explosives story.

The LA TIMES claims: The source on the story first went to 60 MINUTES but also expressed interest in working with the NY TIMES... 'The tip was received last Wednesday.'

CBSNEWS' plan to unleash the story just 24 hours before election day had one senior Bush official outraged.

'Darn, I wanted to see the forged documents to show how this was somehow covered up,' the Bush source, who asked not to be named, mocked, recalling last months CBS airing of fraudulent Bush national guard letters. "

Monday, October 25, 2004

This Just In—Kerry's IQ Likely Lower than Bush's!

By Steve Sailer

"Does anyone in America doubt that Kerry has a higher IQ than Bush? I'm sure the candidates' SATs and college transcripts would put Kerry far ahead."

Howell Raines
- Former Executive Editor of the New York Times
"The 'Dumb' Factor"
Washington Post, August 27, 2004

Oh yeah?

On this tenth anniversary of the publication of the much-denounced The Bell Curve, it's amusing to reflect on one of the enduring ironies of American political life. Liberals tend to believe two things about IQ:
bullet First, that IQ is a meaningless, utterly discredited concept.

bullet Second, that liberals are better than conservatives because they have much higher IQs.

Thus back in May, hundreds of liberal websites, and even the prestigious Economist magazine, fell for a hoax claiming to show that states that voted for Al Gore in 2000 have higher average IQs—by as much as an incredible 28 points—than states that voted for George W. Bush.

(In reality, no such data exist. But, for what it's worth, Bush and Gore voters were identical in educational level, and the states they won were almost dead even in 8th grade achievement test scores.)....

Similarly, in 2001, many liberals, including Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau and The Guardian newspaper, fell for the notorious "Lovenstein Institute" prank, which absurdly claimed that the IQ of Bush, a man with two Ivy League degrees, was a sub-average 91, while Bill Clinton's was a Galileo-like 182.

But now I've turned up some hard facts about the IQs of Kerry and Bush.

Most significantly, at the age of 22, both men took the IQ-type tests required of candidate military officers. (The U.S. military, which has studied the predictive power of IQ in vastly more detail than any other institution, remains intensely dedicated to the value of intelligence testing.)

Bush's scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test have been briefly mentioned in the press. But no-one before now has fully explained what they mean.

And, even more important, this is first article to publish Kerry's score on the Navy's Officer Qualification Test.

The two tests aren't perfectly comparable. But they provide no evidence that Kerry is smarter. If anything, Bush is smarter than Kerry.
Weekly Reader Presidential Poll

The students who read Weekly Reader’s magazines have made their preference for President known: they want to send President Bush back to the White House.

The results of this year’s Weekly Reader poll have just been announced, and the winner is President Bush. Hundreds of thousands of students participated, giving the Republican President more than 60% of the votes cast and making him a decisive choice over Democratic Senator John Kerry.

Since 1956, Weekly Reader students in grades 1-12 have correctly picked the president, making the Weekly Reader poll one of the most accurate predictors of presidential outcomes in history.

President Bush was a strong winner in the student poll; the only state Senator Kerry won was Maryland. Senator Kerry was also in a statistical dead heat with President Bush in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C. and Vermont. President Bush won most grades, although Senator Kerry did win among tenth-graders.

The wife of Dem vice presidential hopeful John Edwards said on Sunday there will be no riots around the election -- if Kerry/Edwards wins!

C-SPAN cameras captured spouse Elizabeth Edwards making the startling comments to a supporter during a Kerry Campaign Town Hall Meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Supporter: Kerry's going to take PA.

Liz Edwards: I know that.

Supporter: I'm just worried there's going to be riots afterwards.

Liz Edwards: Uh.....well...not if we win."

Democrats planning to steal election, or throw country into chaos if they don't win. This is treason.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Early voting brings cries of bullying

On Election Day, voters will be protected from campaign pressures by a 50-foot cone, an invisible barrier that campaign workers cannot breach. Not so for early voters.

While the Voter’s Bill of Rights in state law says they have a right to “vote free from coercion or intimidation by elections officers or any other person,” a glitch in the newer early voting law does not include the same 50-foot guarantee.

As a result, with early voting taking place in busy public places like City Halls and libraries, voters are voicing complaints of being blocked by political mobs, or being singled out for their political views. Others say they have been grabbed, screamed at and cursed by political partisans of all stripes.

Republican Rep. Tom Feeney of Oviedo said the antagonizers are “Kerry thugs” out to harass Bush voters.

“If you ask me whether I believe there is an organized effort to intimidate Republican voters, the answer is absolutely yes,” said Feeney.

The Republican Party is calling on the secretary of state’s office for help, asking that early voting rules be clarified.

The secretary of state’s office has not yet responded.

“Significant numbers of people have already been deterred from voting,” wrote Republican Party Chairwoman Carole Jean Jordan to Secretary of State Glenda Hood, “and this will continue until corrective measures are taken.”

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Local Bush/Cheney headquarters robbed: "Local Bush/Cheney headquarters robbed

The Enquirer

DOWNTOWN - Cincinnati's headquarters for the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign was broken into overnight.

Money and a sign were taken from the office, on Seventh Street near Court Street. The thieves got in by breaking out a window.

The office was also ransacked, officials said. It also houses other Republican organizations.

No one had been arrested."

A chilling climate of fear settles across the country as Democrats brand half the country "un-American" for not supporting Kerry, and use physical intimidation and destruction of property to threaten free speech.
Arizona Daily Sun Flag GOP office vandalized:

"Political motivations turned criminal Thursday night or early Friday when vandals smashed a large glass door with a section of cinder block at the Republican Party headquarters in downtown Flagstaff.

A pile of shattered glass joined egg shells filling the entryway to the GOP offices, located on Humphreys Street across from Wheeler Park. Fliers with information criticizing President Bush were staked up outside the door.

It joined a spate of torn and damaged signs reported by both Republicans and Democrats throughout the Flagstaff area. On Sunday, the campaign for 1st Congressional District Democratic challenger Paul Babbitt reported a dozen signs torn and damaged at its volunteer office on Verde Street."

Our socialist amigos love their "direct action", don't they? Guess they don't have the intellectual firepower to debate about ideas, so they throw eggs. Or maybe ideas don't count since everything is relative anyway! Like those guys who threw pies at Ann Coultier, and claimed they weren't throwing pies at her, but at her ideas! i'm not making this up! These are the kind of physical intimidation tactics these modern day lefty brownshirts are going to use to try to steal this election.
Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | Reaction from the US to the Guardian's Clark County project :Dear Limey assholes:

Last week G2 launched Operation Clark County to help readers have a say in the American election by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio. In the first three days, more than 11,000 people requested addresses. Here is some of the reaction to the project that we received from the US "

Dear wonderful, loving friends from abroad,
We Ohioans are an ornery sort and don't take meddling well, even if it comes from people we admire and with their sincere goodwill. We are a fairly closed community overall. In my town of Springfield, I feel that there are some that consider people from the nearby cities of Columbus or Dayton, as "foreigners"- let alone someone from outside our country.
Springfield, Ohio

Have you not noticed that Americans don't give two shits what Europeans think of us? Each email someone gets from some arrogant Brit telling us why to NOT vote for George Bush is going to backfire, you stupid, yellow-toothed pansies ... I don't give a rat's ass if our election is going to have an effect on your worthless little life. I really don't. If you want to have a meaningful election in your crappy little island full of shitty food and yellow teeth, then maybe you should try not to sell your sovereignty out to Brussels and Berlin, dipshit. Oh, yeah - and brush your goddamned teeth, you filthy animals.
Wading River, NY

Consider this: stay out of American electoral politics. Unless you would like a company of US Navy Seals - Republican to a man - to descend upon the offices of the Guardian, bag the lot of you, and transport you to Guantanamo Bay, where you can share quarters with some lonely Taliban shepherd boys.
United States


Hey England, Scotland and Wales,
Mind your own business. We don't need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidental election. If it wasn't for America, you'd all be speaking German. And if America would have had a president, then, of the likes of Kerry, you'd all be goose-stepping around Buckingham Palace. YOU ARE NOT WANTED!! Whether you want to support either party. BUTT OUT!!!
United States

Please be advised that I have forwarded this to the CIA and FBI.
United States


Harlan, Kentucky

Ahh! My faith is restored in the common man!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Yahoo! News - Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors

WASHINGTON - Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency.

In short, the Democratic presidential candidate has a simple strategy for Nov. 3 and beyond: Do not repeat Al Gore's mistakes.

The Democratic vice president prematurely conceded the 2000 race to George W. Bush in a telephone call, then had to retract his concession after aides said Florida wasn't lost. He never declared victory, an omission Kerry's advisers — many of whom worked for Gore — now believe created a sense of inevitability in voters' minds about Bush's presidency.

Gore didn't plan for the legal showdown, though few could have predicted it before Election Day. And he watched as Bush seized political advantage during the 36-day recount by publicly discussing a transition to the White House.

Not this time, promise Kerry's advisers. If there is doubt about the results, they will fight without delay.

"The first thing we will do is make sure everybody has an opportunity to vote and every vote is counted," said Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter. "We will be ready to hit the ground running and begin a fresh start in this country, given that so many critical issues are before us."

The prospects for another contested election loom with every poll showing the race neck and neck.

Six so-called "SWAT teams" of lawyers and political operatives will be situated around the country with fueled-up jets awaiting Kerry's orders to speed to a battleground state. The teams have been told to be ready to fly on the evening of the election to begin mounting legal and political fights. Every battleground state will have a SWAT team within an hour of its borders.

The Kerry campaign has recount office space in every battleground state, with plans so detailed they include the number of staplers and coffee machines needed to mount legal challenges.

"Right now, we have 10,000 lawyers out in the battleground states on Election Day, and that number is growing by the day," said Michael Whouley, a Kerry confidant who is running election operations at the Democratic National Committee.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Yahoo! News - Putin: Terror Attacks Aimed at Bush

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that terrorists are aiming to derail U.S. President George W. Bush’s chances at re-election through their attacks in Iraq.

“I consider the activities of terrorists in Iraq are not as much aimed at coalition forces but more personally against President Bush,” Putin said at a news conference after a regional summit in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe.

“International terrorism has as its goal to prevent the election of President Bush to a second term,” he said. “If they achieve that goal, then that will give international terrorism a new impulse and extra power.”

Still, Putin didn’t say which candidate he favored in the Nov. 2 U.S. presidential election.

“We unconditionally respect any choice of the American people,” he said. “I don’t want to spoil relations with either candidate.” - FNS w/ Chris Wallace - Transcript: Many States Bracing for Fight Over Presidency

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: News of election fraud and voter intimidation are making front-page news weeks before any voter actually walks into a polling place. So what's behind the allegations, and is it possible that several states will need the courts to declare a winner?

Fox News correspondent Major Garrett begins our coverage.


MAJOR GARRETT, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Will the candidates or their lawyers decide who wins this year's knock-down, drag-out fight for the presidency?

(UNKNOWN): It's not what America wants to hear, but this may make the Afghan election look like a walk in the park by the time we're through.

GARRETT: Legal analysis have already developed in three states crucial to both sides' victory strategy. - Views - Saddam, Syria Colluded Under U.N. Watch

So flagrant was Syria’s cooperation with Saddam that in October, 2002, while the U.S. was trying to reason with the U.N. Security Council, Syria, according to the Duelfer report, was helping Saddam import from a Ukrainian military manufacturer an entire massive pontoon bridge set.

All this was made much easier by a setup in which, despite the reassuring label of sanctions on Iraq, the United Nations in practice did nothing to police the Iraqi-Syrian border. Under the 1996-2003 Oil-for-Food program, which was supposed to restrict Saddam’s trade exclusively to humanitarian goods (expanded early on to include oil industry equipment), the U.N. Secretariat collected $1.4 billion in commissions on Saddam’s oil sales, to monitor and ensure the integrity of the U.N. program.

But, as U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan (search) ran the program, the U.N.-hired inspectors were tasked only to check whether shipments into Iraq qualified for payment from U.N.-held escrow accounts for Iraq — not to stop contraband. Under the U.N. setup, it turns out, there was nothing to prevent trucks filled with forbidden munitions rolling from Syria into Iraq. And that, it seems, is what happened.

The Duelfer report, in hundreds more pages, lays out details of more than a dozen countries involved in Saddam’s illicit arms deals, including other nations in which the government played a direct role: "Belarus, North Korea, former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Yemen and possibly Russia."

All this was part of a deliberate strategy by Saddam to corrupt the United Nations debates, erode sanctions, and re-arm his regime. The multi-billion-dollar bonanza of sanctions-busting business Saddam lavished on Syria was just one slice of such stuff, but it’s enough to give a pretty good idea of the realities behind the U.N. debates over peace and political will in dealing with Saddam. - U.S. & World - Tawhid and Jihad Declares Al Qaeda Alliance

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The most feared militant group in Iraq, the movement of terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search), declared its allegiance to Usama bin Laden (search) on Sunday, saying it had agreed with Al Qaeda over strategy and the need for unity against "the enemies of Islam."

The declaration, which appeared on a Web site often used as a clearinghouse for statements by militant groups, began with a Quranic verse encouraging Muslim unity and said al-Zarqawi considered bin Laden "the best leader for Islam's armies against all infidels and apostates."

The statement, whose authenticity could not be independently confirmed, said the two had been in communication eight months ago and "viewpoints were exchanged" before the dialogue was interrupted.

"God soon blessed us with a resumption in communication, and the dignified brothers in Al Qaeda (search) understood the strategy of Tawhid and Jihad," the statement said.

The Jordanian-born al-Zarqawi is suspected of about a dozen high-profile attacks in Iraq, including last year's bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, and the beheading of numerous foreign hostages.

His relationship to bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leadership has long been the subject of considerable speculation. Although many experts believe al-Zarqawi had longtime ties to Al Qaeda, others suspected that al-Zarqawi considered himself a rival to bin Laden for the mantle of chief defender of the Muslim faith.

The Bush administration said it was still trying to confirm the report.......

U.S. and Iraqi officials believe al-Zarqawi's movement is centered in the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, where U.S. troops clashed Sunday with militants. However, Tawhid and Jihad banners have been seen recently in Samarra, Ramadi and even on the streets of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

In Cairo, Mohammed Salah, an expert on Islamic militancy, said the claim that bin Laden and al-Zarqawi were in regular contact was "more or less a media stunt to frustrate" their common opponent, the United States.

It appeared the announcement also was aimed at enabling al-Zarqawi, who has a background as a common criminal, to profit from bin Laden's stature among radical Muslims.

Bin Laden, believed to be hiding in Afghanistan or in the border areas of Pakistan, has faded somewhat from public view and recent declarations by Al Qaeda's leadership have been made by his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri.

On the other hand, al-Zarqawi's group has become highly visible, posting videos on the Web showing the beheading of foreign hostages and bloody attacks against American troops in Iraq.

"By virtue of his location, al-Zarqawi has more access to the Americans, which will make it easier for Al Qaeda to carry out operations without logistical complications or time delays," Salah said. "Bin Laden is on the run and hiding. He's become a symbol, as opposed to al-Zarqawi's actual presence on the ground that has made him a definite planner and executor." - U.S. & World - U.S. Battles Militants Near Fallujah:

"Separately, the most feared militant group in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's (search) Tawhid and Jihad, said in an Internet statement that it would take orders from Usama bin Laden (search) and Al Qaeda from now on.

Throughout the day, the crackle of automatic weapons fire and the thud of artillery echoed across Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad, as fighting between American troops and insurgents raged on the eastern and southern edges of the city, witnesses said.

Clashes blocked the main road leading to Baghdad, and plumes of smoke rose above the flat-roofed houses in the city's Askari and Shuhada neighborhoods in eastern and southern Fallujah.......

American forces have stepped up attacks around Fallujah since peace talks between the Iraqi government and Fallujah clerics broke down last Thursday after city leaders rejected Allawi's demand to hand over "foreign terrorists," including the Jordanian-born al-Zarqawi.

Fallujah clerics insist al-Zarqawi, whose Tawhid and Jihad movement has claimed responsibility for multiple car-bombings and hostage beheadings, is not in the city. Fallujah fell under the control of hard-line Islamic clerics and their armed followers after U.S. Marines lifted a three-week siege in late April.

Despite the claim that al-Zarqawi is not in the city, a statement posted on an Islamic militant Web site on Sunday made a rare announcement that a member of Tawhid and Jihad identified as Sheik Abu Hafs al-Libi was killed fighting the Americans in Fallujah. The claim's authenticity could not be confirmed.

The earlier Internet statement from al-Zarqawi's group, which also could not be verified, affirmed the "allegiance of Tawhid and Jihad's leadership and soldiers to the chief of all fighters, Usama bin Laden." It said the announcement was timed for the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when "Muslims need more than ever to stick together in the face of the religion's enemies."

The car bombing occurred late Sunday in Baghdad's fashionable Jadiriyah district, home to the Australian and other embassies. The dead included four policemen and the driver, according to the interior ministry.

As the Iraqis try to reach a peaceful end to the Fallujah standoff, the U.S. military is believed to be drafting plans for an all-out assault on the city if negotiations fail.

In London, the British Defense Ministry said the United States has asked Britain to redeploy hundreds of troops from southern Iraq amid reports the soldiers will back up the Americans in the event of a major attack on Fallujah."

Maybe Zarqawi and his men are pledging allegiance to bin Laden hoping he will send reinforcements, because the Americans have him pinned at Falluja and he knows it is just a matter of time before the Americans crush him.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Rocky Mountain News: Election - Democrat playbook opened to criticism Leaked page reveals push to use tactic of 'pre-emptive strike':

Democrats got caught with their election playbook open Thursday when a leaked page was published urging operatives to lodge a 'pre-emptive strike' of claiming voter intimidation, whether it's true or not.

Gleeful Republicans quickly called a press conference after the page from The Drudge Report went online, in which they denounced 'a new low in gutter politics' that 'played the race card.'

'They want to rile up the minorities to denounce tactics that do not exist,' said Ted Halaby, chairman of the Colorado GOP.

Halaby said it was 'a criminal act to falsely allege something that does not exist.' He called on the state Democrats to 'denounce and renounce' the manual's teachings.

But Democrats, who verified as authentic the page from a playbook called 'Colorado Election Day Manual: A detailed guide to voting in Colorado,' said they must be pro-active to assure that minorities and all others are not scared away from the polls.

Sue Casey, head of the Kerry-Edwards Colorado campaign, said the Republicans are also happy to plant a negative story to detract from what reporters should be writing about.

'Look what we're talking about today instead of the fact that George Bush lost three debates and is fading, instead of not having health care, instead of having a disaster in Iraq,' she said.

The manual, at, instructs operatives to hunt for Republican scare tactics that could keep voters from the polls. Democrats have claimed for decades that the GOP does that because low voter turnouts generally help Republican candidates.

'If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike,' rule No. 2 says.

Then, the manual says the operatives should issue a press release 'reviewing Republican tactics used in your area or state.' They should also quote 'party/minority/civil rights leadership as denouncing tactics that discourage people from voting.'

Indeed, a press release from the Colorado Democrats on Wednesday looked straight out of the playbook.

After Secretary of State Donetta Davidson and Gov. Bill Owens, both Republicans, said anyone caught defrauding the voter registration process would be prosecuted, the Democrats shot out a statement decrying Davidson's and Owens' remarks as 'voter intimidation.'"
Rapper: Blacks 'cheered when 9-11 happened':

If Osama bin Laden ever buys a rap album, he'll probably start with a CD by KRS-One.

The hip-hop anarchist has declared his solidarity with al-Qaida by asserting that he and other African-Americans 'cheered when 9-11 happened,' reports the New York Daily News.

The rapper, real name Kris Parker, defiled the memory of those who died in the terrorist attacks as he spouted off at a recent New Yorker Festival panel discussion.

'I say that proudly,' the Boogie Down Productions founder went on, insisting that, before the attack, security guards kept Blacks out of the World Trade Center 'because of the way we talk and dress.

'So when the planes hit the building, we were like, 'Mmmm - justice.' '

The atrocity of 9-11 'doesn't affect us the hip-hop community,' he said. '9-11 happened to them, not us,' he added, explaining that by 'them' he meant 'the rich ... those who are oppressing us. RCA or BMG, Universal, the radio stations.'

Parker also sneered at efforts by other rappers to get young people to vote.

'Voting in a corrupt society adds more corruption,' he added. 'America has to commit suicide if the world is to be a better place.'"
My Way News U.S. Probes if GIs Refused Iraq Mission: "

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army is investigating reports that several members of a reservist supply unit in Iraq refused to go on a convoy mission, the military said Friday. Relatives of the soldiers said the troops considered the mission too dangerous.

The reservists are from the 343rd Quartermaster Company, which is based in Rock Hill, S.C. The unit delivers food and water in combat zones.

According to The Clarion-Ledger newspaper in Jackson, Miss., a platoon of 17 soldiers refused to go on a fuel supply mission Wednesday because their vehicles were in poor shape and they did not have a capable armed escort.

The paper cited interviews with family members of some of the soldiers, who said the soldiers had been confined after their refusals. The mission was carried out by other soldiers from the 343rd, which has at least 120 soldiers, the military said.

Convoys in Iraq are frequently subject to ambushes and roadside bombings."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Way News U.S. Warplanes Pound Iraq's Falluja:

FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. warplanes launched sustained and fierce attacks on the rebel-held Iraqi town of Falluja on Thursday, witnesses said.

They said explosions could be heard in the attacks, a day after interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi warned the town would face an offensive unless it handed over Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his followers.

There was no immediate word on casualties.

U.S. warplanes have been attacking suspected guerrilla positions in Falluja every night in a bid to root out militants.

But residents said Thursday's bombing, which follows the breakdown of peace talks between the interim administration and representatives of the city's 300,000 residents, was much fiercer than previous operations.

Witnesses said helicopters were also attacking parts of the town, which the interim government hopes to capture before elections scheduled for January."
My Way News 28 U.S. Troops Implicated in Afghan Abuse: "

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Army investigators have recommended that the service consider charges ranging from manslaughter to conspiracy against 28 soldiers in the deaths of two prisoners in Afghanistan in 2002, the Army said on Thursday.

The announcement followed charges filed earlier against a U.S. military police sergeant in the alleged abuse deaths of the two detainees at Bagram Air Base north of Kabul.

It marked the latest step by the American military against soldiers involved in the abuse of prisoners in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The brief announcement said the Army Criminal Investigation Division had 'identified 28 soldiers with possible culpability in these two cases, meaning that they may have committed one or more offenses punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.'

It did not name the troops but said a detailed report had been passed to commanders listing potential offenses including involuntary manslaughter, assault consummated by battery, maiming, maltreatment, dereliction of duty and conspiracy."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - 13-Oct-04 - Afghan Whigs:
Democracy takes root, Big Media yawn

SINCE THE British relinquished control of Afghanistan in 1919, the remote, mountainous nation has been ruled by kings, Soviet puppets and Islamist tyrants. On Saturday its residents cast ballots, unharmed, for a new kind of government — one chosen and operated by the people.

Faced with the prospect of attacks at polling places, the people showed up anyway. They were undeterred, and perhaps their bravery disheartened the would-be terrorists lurking in the shadows. United Nations observers contradicted the claims of opposition presidential candidates who said the elections were compromised by irregularities. Those candidates have since dropped their unsubstantiated charges.

As England's Whigs joined together to empower Parliament at the expense of the king, so Afghanistan's people have taken to the polls to weaken the remnants of totalitarianism.

Saturday's peaceful election was an important historical event, made even more important by the lack of widespread violence. Too bad the Big Media have decided that a successful exercise of democracy in al-Qaida's former hideout is hardly worth covering.
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Babies found in Iraqi mass grave:

A mass grave being excavated in a north Iraqi village has yielded evidence that Iraqi forces executed women and children under Saddam Hussein.

US-led investigators have located nine trenches in Hatra containing hundreds of bodies believed to be Kurds killed during the repression of the 1980s.

The skeletons of unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys are being unearthed, the investigators said.

They are seeking evidence to try Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity.

-Tiny bones, femurs - thighbones the size of a matchstick
It is believed to be the first time investigators working for the Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) have conducted a full scientific exhumation of a mass grave.

'It is my personal opinion that this is a killing field,' Greg Kehoe, an American working with the IST, told reporters in Hatra, south of the city of Mosul.

'Someone used this field on significant occasions over time to take bodies up there, and to take people up there and execute them.'

-Tiny bones
The victims are believed to be Kurds killed in 1987-88, their bodies bulldozed into the graves after being summarily shot dead.

One trench contains only women and children while another contains only men.

The body of one woman was found still clutching a baby. The infant had been shot in the back of the head and the woman in the face.

'The youngest foetus we have was 18 to 20 foetal weeks,' said US investigating anthropologist P Willey.

'Tiny bones, femurs - thighbones the size of a matchstick.'

Mr Kehoe investigated mass graves in the Balkans for five years but those burials mainly involved men of fighting age and the Iraqi finds were quite different, he said.

'I've been doing grave sites for a long time, but I've never seen anything like this, women and children executed for no apparent reason,' he said.

Long search
Mr Kehoe said that work to uncover graves around Iraq, where about 300,000 people are thought to have been killed during Saddam Hussein's regime, was slow as experienced European investigators were not taking part.

The Europeans, he said, were staying away as the evidence might be used eventually to put Saddam Hussein to death."

These are the "allies" who disapprove of our decision to remove Saddam Hussein. PS, Europe would still be living under the Nazis and Commies if it wasn't for America's concience, bravery, and willingness to "rush to war" to remove dictators.
ThisisLondon - Bodies of babies found in Saddam's 'killing field'

A mass grave containing the bodies of children, babies and their mothers has been unearthed in Iraq.

Shocked investigators reported finding "thighbones the size of matchsticks" at what they believe is the site of one of Saddam Hussein's atrocities. Among the findings-were the skeletons of unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys.

A baby had been shot in the back of its head and was found still being clutched by its mother, who had been shot in the face. The discovery was reported as Tony Blair came under mounting pressure to apologise to Parliament for the misleading intelligence claiming Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

It will strengthen the Prime Minister's case that despite the intelligencefailures the war to topple the Iraqi dictator was justified by his record as a mass killer of his own people. Mr Blair is facing MPs for the first time since the Iraq Survey Group report last week admitted there were no illegal chemical and biological weapons in Iraq.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 / World / Europe - Germany in rethink on Iraq force deployment

US, German and Iraqi flagsGermany might deploy troops in Iraq if conditions there change, Peter Struck, the German defence minister, indicated on Tuesday in a gesture that appears to provide backing for John Kerry, the US Democratic presidential challenger.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Struck departed from his government’s resolve not to send troops to Iraq under any circumstances, saying: “At present I rule out the deployment of German troops in Iraq. In general, however, there is no one who can predict developments in Iraq in such a way that he could make a such a binding statement [about the future].”

Mr Struck also welcomed Mr Kerry’s proposal that he would convene an international conference on Iraq including countries that opposed the war if he were to win next month's election.

Germany would certainly attend, Mr Struck said. “This is a very sensible proposal. The situation in Iraq can only be cleared up when all those involved sit together at one table. Germany has taken on responsibilities in Iraq, including financial ones; this would naturally justify our involvement in such a conference.”

Berlin has refused to comment on the outcome of the US election, but Mr Struck's comments are significant as Mr Kerry has argued that he would be able to draw in countries to work in Iraq that opposed the war. Gerhard Schröder, the German chancellor, was a leading opponent of the US-led Iraq war and his re-election in 2002 was secured in part on support for this stance.

I guess we're supposed to jump for joy at this. Why isn't anyone asking whether Germany even has a military worth deploying? Why they've only sent a handful of troops to help us in Afghanistan, despite being a party to NATO, and the Afghan conflict being sanctioned by the U.N. Hell, Germany can't even defend itself, requiring huge numbers of American troops on its soil. Pathetic. We should never, ever forget how many of our allies stabbed us in the back when we needed their help, despite everything we've done for them. Hell with it, give Germany back to Russia for all I care.

Monday, October 11, 2004

WBIR-TV, Knoxville, TN New photos: Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters:

An unknown suspect fired multiple shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning.

The headquarters are located at 4618 Kingston Pike, between Nouveau Classics and Lenny's submarine sandwich shop in the same shopping plaza as Long's Drugstore.

According to Knoxville Police Department (KPD) officers on the scene Tuesday, it is believed that the two separate shots were fired from a car sometime between 6:30 am and 7:15 am.

One shot shattered the glass in the front door and the other cracked the glass in another of the front doors.

Bush-Cheney volunteer campaign coordinator Suzanne Dewar says she originally planned to be in the office early Tuesday morning.

'If I had gotten here a couple hours earlier, I'd have been inside,' Dewar explains. 'And we don't turn the lights on until we open, so they wouldn't have know someone was inside.'"

Saturday, October 09, 2004

CBS News | Afghan Candidates Boycott Election

(AP) Afghanistan's first direct presidential election was thrust into turmoil hours after it started Saturday when all 15 candidates challenging interim leader Hamid Karzai said they'd boycott the results, alleging fraud over the ink meant to ensure people voted only once.

Electoral officials rejected the candidates' call to abandon the rest of the balloting, saying it would rob millions of voters of their chance to cast ballots and that they would rule later on the legitimacy of the election.

"Halting the vote at this stage is unjustified and would deny these people their right to vote," said Ray Kennedy, the vice chairman of the joint U.N.-Afghan panel overseeing the election. "There have been some technical problems but overall it has been safe and orderly."

Karzai said the fate of the vote was in the hands of the electoral body, but he added that in his view "the election was free and fair ... it is very legitimate."

"Who is more important, these 15 candidates, or the millions of people who turned out today to vote," Karzai said. "Both myself and all these 15 candidates should respect our people — because in the dust and snow and rain, they waited for hours and hours to vote."

The boycott cast a pall over what had been a joyous day in Afghanistan.

Millions of Afghan voters braved threats of Taliban violence to cram polling stations throughout this ethnically diverse nation, in an election aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to a country nearly ruined by more than two decades of war.

It also was a blow to the international community, which spent just under $200 million staging the vote. At least 12 election workers, and dozens of Afghan security forces, died in the past few months as the nation geared up for the vote.

The opposition candidates, meeting at the house of Uzbek candidate Abdul Satar Sirat, signed a petition saying they would not recognize the results of the vote, saying glitches with the ink used to mark voters' thumbs opened the way for widespread fraud.

Election officials said workers at some voting stations mistakenly swapped the permanent ink meant to mark thumbs with normal ink meant for ballots, but insisted the problem was caught quickly.

Sirat, an ex-aide to Afghanistan's last king and a minor candidate expected to poll in the low single-digits, said all of the 15 candidates still in the race against Karzai agreed to the boycott.

"Today's election is not a legitimate election. It should be stopped and we don't recognize the results," Sirat said. "This vote is a fraud."

U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad arrived at the house later to meet with Sirat, making no comment other than to say he was there "only to help."

Khalilzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, has been widely criticized for perceived favoritism for Karzai, and is seen as a puppet-master by many Afghans. Several Afghans gathered outside the house joked that a resolution to the crisis was near because "the big man has arrived."
My Way News - current events in Iraq and Falluja:

"U.S. and Iraqi authorities are using a combination of persuasion and force to try to curb a mounting insurgency in time for elections in January. Some U.S. military commanders have expressed doubt that voting will be possible in all parts of the country.

Among those areas where voting is unlikely is Fallujah, an insurgent bastion 40 miles west of Baghdad believed to be a stronghold of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad movement.

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's interim government, which is determined that all Iraqis should be able to vote, said it was nearing agreement on a plan to bring its forces back into Fallujah after weeks of U.S. airstrikes aimed at militants in the city.

Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan said the broad outlines of a deal had been agreed with city representatives, including tribal leaders and clerics.

The plan calls for a three-day halt to attacks, after which Iraqi troops will be allowed into Fallujah without U.S. forces, Shaalan said in an interview published Friday in the London-based Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat. Residents would hand over heavy weapons but could keep personal firearms, he said.

Khalid Hamoud, a tribal leader who sits on Fallujah's governing council, confirmed there was broad agreement on these points. But he said not all council members were ready to sign off on the deal. In particular, they are looking for guarantees that raids will stop and the U.S. military will pull back from positions around the city, he said. Further talks were set for Saturday.

Allawi said re-establishment of the rule of law in Fallujah is nonnegotiable.

'Terrorists must either surrender, or we'll bring them by force to justice,' he told Al-Arabiya television.

Even as talks progressed, American warplanes struck a building where the U.S. command said leaders of al-Zarqawi's network were meeting early Friday.

Residents said the house was full of people who had gathered for a wedding. The attack killed 13 people, including the groom, said Dr. Ahmed Saeed at the city hospital. Seventeen others were wounded, including the bride, he said."

My Way News Australia Re-Elects Howard Prime Minister:

"SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Prime Minister John Howard scored a convincing victory in Australia's federal election Saturday, winning a historic fourth term in a vote ensuring the staunch U.S. ally keeps its troops in Iraq.

With more than 70 percent of votes tallied, Howard appeared likely to increase his government's majority in parliament - exceeding most analysts' predictions that the result would be very tight..........

The election was widely seen abroad as the first referendum for the three leaders who launched the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, with President Bush facing a ballot next month and British Prime Minister Tony Blair probably facing voters next year.

The Labor Party had vowed to bring the roughly 900 Australian troops deployed in and around Iraq home by Christmas, while Howard insisted they will stay until Iraqis ask them to leave. Australian troops have not suffered any casualties and none have combat roles."

Good! Australia is an even better ally than Britain. I'm sure Kerry could find a way to piss them off to placate the French however..if he gets elected, which I think is increasingly less likely, especially after Bush's fantastic performance in last night's debate!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - Cuba's hurricane handling is example to all-U.N.:

GENEVA, Oct 7 (Reuters) - Cuba's system of preparing for hurricanes is an example to all, including the U.S. state of Florida, the United Nations' top official for humanitarian affairs and disasters said on Thursday.

While over 3,000 people were killed in Haiti last month by hurricane Jeane, nobody died in Cuba when it was struck earlier by an even more powerful storm, said Jan Egeland, the U.N.'s coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and Humanitarian Relief.

While Havana was lucky the storm did not hit the most populated part of the Caribbean island, the main reason nobody died was that Cuba was well prepared, he told journalists.

'The number one in terms of social organisation in having people respond responsibly when there is a hurricane alert in the region is Cuba and then maybe Florida is number two,' Egeland said.

'In this case, Florida could probably learn from Cuba, however ... it is probably marginal,' he added."

Ha ha ha! Some U.N. official takes whatever Cuba says at face value! Hmmm, maybe they're...lying! Cuba is a disaster every day for it's people, even without a hurricane, due to its failed socialist policies. But lefties still revere good old Che and Fidel. Unbelievable. In their mind more "government planning" is the solution to every human problem. With people like themselves in charge presumably!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

youthography: "Slang is da flava
by Daphne Gordon, The Toronto Star, Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Wassup with all the slang on TV these days?

Seems like corporate North America has increasingly been copping youthful slang in advertising campaigns, on television shows and newscasts, in product names and on corporate Web sites in an attempt to cash in on the increasingly powerful youth market.

A few prime examples:

A television ad announces the release of Star Wars: Episode II DVDs with the question "Who's da man?" and answer "Yo da man," while showing scenes of Yoda the Jedi elder fighting bad guys.

A new spot for Visa that aired on Superbowl Sunday in the U.S. riffed on the word "Yo," putting the word in the mouths of famed Chinese basketball player Yao Ming and baseball icon Yogi Berra.

A raft of youth-oriented products with the word "X-Treme" in the name has hit the market, ranging from potato chips to soft drinks, video games, magazines and even a cookbook called X-Treme Cuisine: An Adrenaline-Charged Cookbook For The Young At Heart.

A Web site for the hot Fox show Fastlane asks viewers if they're "pimp enough" (cool enough) to subscribe to the show's online newsletter.........

And, perhaps most surprisingly, a CNN Headline News producer advises his writers to use pop expressions on the air.
Then there was that terrible Cap'n Crunch commercial a few years back, he recalls, quoting its annoying jingle off the top of his head: 'Yo, yo, yo! The Crunch is superphat!'

'It's terrifying in its badness,' he scoffs. 'Kids just don't speak of brands with that kind of language. When would you see a kid picking up a box of cereal and calling it superphat? (phat means pretty hot and tempting). Maybe a CD by your favourite band would be superphat, but a cereal?'

While Valiquette seems to have a long mental list of commercials that use slang badly, he says marketers who wanted to speak to youth have long employed the technique. The fact that there are so many more products aimed at the youth market now makes it seem ubiquitous. "
Belmont Club: "I should emphasize that a limited, compartmentalized response may actually be the most appropriate policy under the circumstances, given the vast power of the United States and the military weakness of its enemies. The Global War on Terror has been just that: a proportionate, measured response using a mere fraction of American military strength. Whittle quotes George Bush:

Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success. We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism.

But providing the underlying rigidity was deterrence: an America that could literally annihilate the enemy society and had the willingness to use those means if sufficiently provoked.

Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.

Philosophically, the choice between Bush and Kerry is not over the fine-tuning of policy options; it is between limited response with deterrence on the one hand, and limited response with yet more limited response on the other hand. A large number of the Administration's critics accuse it of not providing 'enough boots on the ground' in Iraq, of emboldening insurgents by 'backing down' in Fallujah yet are perfectly willing to decouple terrorist acts from state sponsors and make any American retaliatory action contingent on passing the Global Test. To be able to chicken out if a nuclear weapon goes off in New York City is to live in a world without deterrence; a world where our enemies misunderstand us even as we have misunderstood ourselves; where nuclear weapons may be used seriously because they were never taken seriously. A world where you grow up, all at once, with only belated revenge for a meal. Oh brave new world that has such people in it."

The Belmont club on Bill Whittle on deterrence, and the lack thereof. : Iraq Link Focuses School Worry on 6 States School Plans, Security Information Gathered by Suspected Iraq Insurgent Focus Concern on Schools in Six States - School Warning

Oct. 7, 2004 — Schools in six states in particular are being watched closely based on information uncovered by the U.S. military in Baghdad this summer, law enforcement and education officials told ABC News.

A man described as an Iraqi insurgent involved in anti-coalition activities had downloaded school floor plans and safety and security information about elementary and high schools in the six states, according to officials.

School officials in Fort Myers, Fla.; Salem, Ore.; Gray, Ga.; Birch Run, Mich.; two towns in New Jersey; and two towns in California have been told to increase security in light of the discovery.

Officials in the New Jersey towns, Franklinville and Rumson, were notified by counterterrorism officials last month that their schools had been possibly singled out.

"Once we were notified, we immediately put a plan into effect," said Dwight Pfenning, deputy commissioner of education for the state of New Jersey.

And William Matthews, superintendent of schools in Jones County, Ga., sent a letter to parents, faculty and staff last week notifying them that security was being increased during the election season.

Uh, yeah. Insurgents In Iraq are plotting attacks on schools in America. Let's pull our troops out ASAP - it's a "distraction" from the war on terror.
Yahoo! News - U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat

WASHINGTON - The Education Department has advised school leaders nationwide to watch for people spying on their buildings or buses to help detect any possibility of terrorism like the deadly school siege in Russia.

The warning follows an analysis by the FBI (news - web sites) and the Homeland Security Department of the siege that killed nearly 340 people, many of them students, in the city of Beslan last month.

"The horror of this attack may have created significant anxiety in our own country among parents, students, faculty staff and other community members," Deputy Education Secretary Eugene Hickok said in a letter to schools and education groups.

The safety advice is based on lessons learned from the Russia incident. But there is "no specific information indicating that there is a terrorist threat to any schools or universities in the United States," Hickok said.

Federal law enforcement officials also have encouraged local police to stay in contact with school officials and have encouraged reporting of suspicious activities, the letter says.

In particular, schools were told to watch for activities that may be legitimate on their own — but may suggest a heightened terrorist threat if many of them occur.
Chirac calls for lifting arms ban on China - (United Press International):

"French President Jacques Chirac is calling on the European Union to lift a long-standing arms embargo against China.

'France supports lifting the embargo,' Chirac said in an interview with China's official news agency, Xinhua, adding it no longer reflected present day realities.

The European Union imposed the weapons' ban following China's 1989 crackdown against pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, in Beijing.

Today, European countries are divided over lifting the embargo, with Sweden and the Netherlands opposed to doing so. The United States is also against it.

Chirac noted 'stong reservations' on the part of Washington, but said Paris would push for a swift lifting of the embargo. His remarks were posted on the French presidency's Web site, and came ahead of Chirac's trip to China on Friday."
Saddam paid off French leaders - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - Saddam paid off French leaders:

"Saddam Hussein used a U.N. humanitarian program to pay $1.78 billion to French government officials, businessmen and journalists in a bid to have sanctions removed and U.S. policies opposed, according to a CIA report made public yesterday.
The cash was part of $10.9 billion secretly skimmed from the U.N. oil-for-food program, which was used by Iraq to buy military goods, according to a 1,000-page report by the CIA-led Iraqi Survey Group.
According to a section of the report on Iraqi weapons procurement, the survey group identified long-standing ties between Saddam and the French government. One 1992 Iraqi intelligence service report revealed that Iraq's ambassador to France paid $1 million to the French Socialist Party in 1988. " - Special Report w/ Brit Hume - Political Grapevine - Reagan Redux? Scalia Didn't Say That?:

"It turns out the uproar over comments by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (search) last week was based on a distorted quote.

The Harvard Crimson quoted Scalia as saying at an on-campus event, 'I take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.'

But, in fact, Scalia never said he believed that, only saying 'I even accept for the sake of argument that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.'

The Harvard Crimson has since issued a correction." - Report links U.N. to Iraq bribes - Oct 6, 2004:

NEW YORK (AP) -- The top U.S. arms inspector has accused the former head of the $60 billion U.N. oil-for-food program of accepting bribes in the form of vouchers for Iraqi oil sales from Saddam Hussein's government.

The report by Charles Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group, alleges the Iraqi government manipulated the U.N. program from 1996 to 2003 in order to acquire billions of dollars in illicit gains and to import illegal goods, including acquiring parts for missile systems.

The alleged schemes included an Iraqi system for allocating lucrative oil vouchers, which permitted recipients to purchase certain amounts of oil at a profit.

Benon Sevan, the former chief of the U.N. program, is among dozens of people who allegedly received the vouchers, according to the report, which said Saddam personally approved the list.

The secret voucher program was dominated by Russian, French and Chinese recipients, in that order, with Saddam spreading the wealth widely to prominent business men, politicians, foreign government ministries and political parties, the report said.

The report names former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, Indonesian president Megawati Sukarnoputri, and the Russian radical political figure Vladimir Zhirinovsky as voucher recipients, for example, and other foreign governments range from Yemen to Namibia.

The governments of Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Egypt did a brisk illicit oil trade with Iraq as well -- more than $8 billion from 1991 until 2003, the report said.

'These governments were full parties to all aspects of Iraq's unauthorized oil exports and imports,' it said.

The officials whose names have emerged in the face of multiple ongoing investigations of corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program have previously denied wrongdoing. The program was designed to allow limited oil sales to pay for humanitarian goods."
Saddam Told Interrogators of Iran Fixation

"Saddam Hussein was obsessed with his status in the Arab world, dreaming of weapons of mass destruction to pump up his prestige. And even as the United States fixated on him, he was fixated on his neighboring enemy, Iran.

That is the picture that emerges from interrogations of the former Iraqi leader since his capture last December, according to the final report of the chief U.S. arms inspector, which gives a first glimpse into what the United States has gleaned about Saddam's hopes, dreams and insecurities.

The report suggests that Saddam tried to improve relations with the United States in the 1990s, yet basked in his standing as the only leader to stand up to the world's superpower.

It says Saddam was determined that if Iran was to acquire nuclear weapons, so was Iraq."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


(MILWAUKEE) – More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked.

The Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) condemned the action by Kerry supporters, and asked the Kerry campaign and the Democrat Party of Wisconsin to do the same.

“Do John Kerry and Wisconsin Democrats really believe this is conduct becoming of a presidential candidate and his campaign?” RPW Chairman Rick Graber asked. “It is unfortunate that Team Kerry feels the need to engage in such childish and obnoxious behavior.

“The President and his campaign will continue to talk about the issues in Wisconsin,” Graber added. “Let’s hope that someday soon, the Kerry campaign and Wisconsin Democrats will join us and put an end to this foolishness.”

Graber called the latest incident part of a disturbing trend of criminal conduct by anti-Bush forces in Wisconsin, pointing to an incident in Madison last week in which Bush-Cheney yard signs were stolen from the yards of three homes. The vandals then used chemicals to burn swastikas into the lawns of the homes, which were within a two-block radius of one another.

In addition, reports of stolen, defaced and damaged Bush-Cheney campaign signs are surfacing throughout Wisconsin. - Views - ifeminists - Individual Rights vs. Identity Politics

The theory underlying the "Vote Your Vagina" assumption is that women have a shared political interest. The theory has many labels, but it is commonly referred to as "identity politics."

A fairly standard definition of the term is: "Identity politics is the politics of group-based movements claiming to represent the interests and identity of a particular group, rather than policy issues relating to all members of the community. The group identity may be based on ethnicity, class, religion, sex, sexuality or other criteria."

Identity politics divides society into distinct political classes and declares them to be antagonistic to each other’s interests: blacks against whites, women against men, gays against heterosexuals. The focus is on the "rights" of the specific group— that is, those things the group claims to deserve and wishes to acquire by law. The "rights" are commonly based on the existence of historical oppression.

Identity politics is a sharp departure from the traditionally American ideal that rights are universal, not particular. That is, that all human beings possess the same rights, which are not determined by differences such as sex or race.

The presence of slavery in the United States into the 19th century reminds us that the ideal was not always realized, and sometimes not even closely. Nevertheless, it was the ideal of the Declaration of Independence—"all men are created equal" — toward which politics consistently moved.

The abolition of slavery said race was irrelevant to the rights an individual could claim. The enfranchisement of women said much the same thing. When Susan B. Anthony argued for women’s rights, she did not ask for special treatment, only for the full embrace of human rights. She wrote, "We [women] have stood with the black man in the Constitution over half a century…Enfranchise him, and we are left outside with lunatics, idiots and criminals."

Identical rights under the law carries a strong presumption that all individuals share the fundamental political interest of having those rights respected. Consider freedom of speech. A woman benefits from the protection of free speech no less than a man does. Arguably, a history of oppression makes freedom of speech more personally important to a woman; it is part of what will allow her to rise through education and merit.

By contrast, identity politics says that women and men do not share a similar interest in freedom of speech. For example, if a man expresses sexist views, he is said to "silence" women and, so, his speech should be restrained through policies such as sexual harassment laws or campus speech codes. Thus, freedom of speech is converted from a human right into a tool of oppression that must be blunted by force.

Only if you advocate group rights and reject individual ones does it make sense to cry out for sexual solidarity in voting. Ironically, such a call reverses the political trend that secured the vote to women in the first place. Namely, the demand for inclusion in human rights. The demand by women to have their rights equally recognized so they were no longer in a separate legal category "with lunatics, idiots and criminals."

The early feminists who fought for true equality did not speak of "special interests." They spoke of human rights. The call for women to "step into their vaginas" dishonors the brave women who refused to define themselves as body parts and longed, instead, to participate fully in the richness of a broader humanity. - You Decide 2004 - Trail Tales - Trail Tales: Prepping for a Recount

John Kerry's campaign is gearing up for another recount, just in case.

Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill sent out a fund-raising e-mail Monday night asking for donations to make sure the Democratic presidential candidate is not at a legal or financial disadvantage if the race must go to a recount, as it did during the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

"Right now I need all of you to join me and make a pledge: The mistakes of the 2000 election will NEVER be repeated again," Cahill wrote in the e-mail. "The day after the election, as the recount began, Al Gore's campaign was already outgunned, outmanned and outmatched — we learned one lesson: be prepared."

For months, the Kerry camp has boasted about the 500-plus lawyers it has waiting in various states across the country to work should voting irregularities occur. Kerry aides say they have studied every ballot and election law in every state.

Getting ready to try again to steal the election. This has been brewing for a while. Watch the Democrats plunge our country into chaos with their army of lawyers while the terrorists look on in glee.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - Politics - Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando 2 People Receive Minor Injuries During Protest:

POSTED: 6:05 pm EDT October 5, 2004
UPDATED: 9:10 pm EDT October 5, 2004
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News.

Orlando protestors face possible assault charges after the group forced their way inside the Republican headquarters office.

While in the building, some of the protestors drew horns and a mustache on a poster of President George W. Bush and poured piles of letters in the office, according to the report.

'We told them to leave, they broke the law,' Republican headquarters volunteer Mike Broom said.

Two protestors received minor injuries when the crowd stormed the building, including a Republican volunteer.

One of the protestors said she wanted to send a message."

Iran says it has missile with 2,000km range
By Gareth Smyth in Tehran
Published: October 5 2004 12:39 | Last updated: October 5 2004 12:39

Iran flagAkbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran's influential former president, on Tuesday added to the war of words with Israel and the United States by claiming Iran had developed a satellite-launching rocket with a range of 2,000km.

Mr Rafsanjani used a speech on 'space and national security' to warn that Iran was determined to improve its military capabilities. Tehran used recent military manoeuvres to test a new version of the Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of 1,300-km that could already reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf.

Iran's past statements about the longer-range rocket, known as the Shahab 4, have been contradictory. It has previously only said that the missile was in development and the defence ministry said last November that it did not intend to manufacture it.

Tension between Tehran and US and Israel has been increasing over Iran's nuclear programme, which Washington and Tel Aviv allege is to develop nuclear weapons.

The US is pressing the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN watchdog, to use its meeting next month to refer Iran to the UN security council for punitive action.

But there has also been widespread speculation that Israel or the US might attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

Israel, which analysts estimate has between 100 and 200 weapons as part of its undeclared nuclear weapons programme, announced last month the purchase from the US of 500 “bunker buster” bombs with the capacity to penetrate Iran's underground facilities.

Israel has also developed with Boeing, the US firm, the $1bn Arrow II anti-missile system to bring down missiles like the Shahab. Posted by Hello

Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has slammed Dem president hopeful John Kerry for not recognizing Poland's contributions and sacrifice to the war in Iraq.

'It is sad that a senator with 20 years of experience does not recognize Polish contribution. This is immoral,' Kwasniewski told FACTS in an interview commenting on the US Presidential Debate.

'It is sad that a senator with 20 years of experience underestimates Polish sacrifice, this is sad.'

The Polish President added however that one should consider this was a part of the ongoing electoral campaign.

'I do not think this was out of ignorance,' the president emphasized on the TVN Facts.

'There is one thing which should be stated clearly: this coalition is not just the United States, Great Britain, Australia alone; it also involves participation of Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Spanish soldiers who have died. It is immoral not to recognize the involvement we contributed based on our conviction that there should be unity in fighting terrorism, that there was a need to display international solidarity and that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous individual of this world.'

'President Bush acted like a real Texan gentleman, he made sure to show appreciation for other countries' involvement in the coalition,' Kwasniewski pointed out. "


I'd rather have Poland as an ally than France any day! Posted by Hello

U.S. Army soldiers patrol in Samarra, Iraq (news - web sites), Monday, Oct. 4, 2004, on the fourth day of a major U.S. and Iraqi military incursion into the city. (AP Photo/Jim MacMillan) Posted by Hello
Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties -- CNSNews.com10/04/2004:

( - Iraqi intelligence documents, confiscated by U.S. forces and obtained by, show numerous efforts by Saddam Hussein's regime to work with some of the world's most notorious terror organizations, including al Qaeda, to target Americans. They demonstrate that Saddam's government possessed mustard gas and anthrax, both considered weapons of mass destruction, in the summer of 2000, during the period in which United Nations weapons inspectors were not present in Iraq. And the papers show that Iraq trained dozens of terrorists inside its borders.

One of the Iraqi memos contains an order from Saddam for his intelligence service to support terrorist attacks against Americans in Somalia. The memo was written nine months before U.S. Army Rangers were ambushed in Mogadishu by forces loyal to a warlord with alleged ties to al Qaeda.

Other memos provide a list of terrorist groups with whom Iraq had relationships and considered available for terror operations against the United States.

Among the organizations mentioned are those affiliated with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ayman al-Zawahiri, two of the world's most wanted terrorists. Zarqawi is believed responsible for the kidnapping and beheading of several American civilians in Iraq and claimed responsibility for a series of deadly bombings in Iraq Sept. 30. Al-Zawahiri is the top lieutenant of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, allegedly helped plan the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist strikes on the U.S., and is believed to be the voice on an audio tape broadcast by Al-Jazeera television Oct. 1, calling for attacks on U.S. and British interests everywhere." - Polygamy laws expose our own hypocrisy:

"Tom Green is an American polygamist. This month, he will appeal his conviction in Utah for that offense to the United States Supreme Court, in a case that could redefine the limits of marriage, privacy and religious freedom.

If the court agrees to take the case, it would be forced to confront a 126-year-old decision allowing states to criminalize polygamy that few would find credible today, even as they reject the practice. And it could be forced to address glaring contradictions created in recent decisions of constitutional law.

For polygamists, it is simply a matter of unequal treatment under the law.

Individuals have a recognized constitutional right to engage in any form of consensual sexual relationship with any number of partners. Thus, a person can live with multiple partners and even sire children from different partners so long as they do not marry. However, when that same person accepts a legal commitment for those partners 'as a spouse,' we jail them."