Friday, February 28, 2003

good column draws parallels between the state of the politcal world before WWII and today Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online Meanwhile an American president and a British prime minister, the target of this domestic vitriol and self-loathing, once again stand nearly alone against fascism. Because they do, we know the ending of this sad spectacle. Saddam will end up like Hitler in his bunker, with a mistress or two and a half-dozen doomed toadies. Postbellum Iraq will yield up the age-old horrors that may even be too sick for the tabloids; Anglo-Americans will once again rebuild a defeated enemy country � and a passive-aggressive France will triangulate, seeking to reclaim glory without power as it looks for profits among the flotsam and jetsam of war.
Iraqis starting to surrender already! -Washington Times This Iraqi soldier said that of the 28 tanks in his care, only six were working. The others were broken down or otherwise in need of repair.
"He said the whole division was at about 25 percent effectiveness and most soldiers were hiding their white flags," said our source, who spoke recently to both defectors.
Intelligence sources in northern Iraq, where both CIA Special Operations Group officers and Army Special Forces are active, said there have been dozens of defectors in the past several weeks.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

News about Warplane Weapons at's How to Make War. The U.S. Air Force is developing a new, 2nd generation, ten ton Fuel Air Explosive (FAS) bomb. It will replace the older "Daisy Cutter" FAS bomb developed during the 1960s.

In addition to a more reliable and powerful explosion, MOAB doesn�t need a parachute, like the Daisy Cutter, but uses a GPS (like JDAM) and an aerodynamic body to detonate the bomb at a precise area. Thus the MOAB can be dropped from a higher altitude (like outside the range of machine-guns and rifles). Like the Daisy Cutter, MOAB is shoved out the back of a cargo aircraft (usually a C-130, but since the MOAB uses GPS and higher altitude drops, the C-17 can probably be used as well.) MOAB is a highly destructive and terrifying weapon
Here's an interesting bit from Little Green Footballs about the evolution of American foreign policy:
" President Bush gave a tremendously important speech last night at the American Enterprise Institute; here�s the transcript at the White House. David Frum identifies the key change in policy signaled by the speech:
If the speech carried a title, it might have been called �Death of an Illusion.� Since World War II, American policy has assumed that progress in the Islamic world � if it comes at all � will be delivered, not by democratic reform, but by modernizing strongmen. For 50 years, American presidents have sought (and often believed they found) another Ataturk. Ataturkism led the United States to tilt toward Nasser in his early years in power � the Shah of Iran � and, yes, Saddam Hussein. (In the 1970s, that same Zbiegniew Brzezinski who criticizes Bush�s Middle East policy for its alleged naivety pushed hard as National Security Adviser for support for Saddam: �Iraq,� he was quoted at the time telling friends, �will be to my Middle East achievement what Egypt was to Henry�s.� Henry being of course Henry Kissinger.) The hunt for the modernizing strongman appears to have ended � terminated due to repeated failure. �The United States has no intention of determining the precise form of Iraq's new government. That choice belongs to the Iraqi people. Yet, we will ensure that one brutal dictator is not replaced by another.� "
Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP Here's a great photo of an anti-American demonstration in Egypt!
Well, it's been decided! Here is a link to the different architects who submitted plans to rebuild on the World Trade Center site. The winner is the one on the top, Daniel Libeskind. Looks cool. - New World Trade Center Site Design Concepts

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Here's an awesome blog written by a US soldier in the Middle East preparing for the attack on Iraq! LT SMASH The sunrise this morning was beautiful. There was dust in the air on the eastern horizon, magnifying the sun into a large, bright orange orb that seemed almost too big to lift off the ground.
I was almost too busy to notice. Almost, but not quite. I paused for a few moments, to soak it all in. Then I got back to work.
We're sharpening the sword. We are by no means perfect in our execution, but every day we get a little bit better. And every day, there are more of us.
I pray that God will show Mercy to anyone who stands in our way.
Because we won't.
Now, It's Business That Booms ( a city that had a handful of shopworn eating places two years ago, a new Chinese or Italian or American hamburger restaurant opens almost weekly, as well as kebab shops by the score. Small hotels have sprung up, and a $40 million Hyatt is on the way. The food bazaars are bustling and there are downtown blocks filled almost entirely with bridal shops. Rebuilt homes are rising from the ruins, and every little storefront seems to be stuffed with bathtubs or fans or with men building and carving things to be sold.

President Hamid Karzai, who will meet President Bush in Washington on Thursday, points to this mini-boom as one of the most important accomplishments of his fledgling administration, a sign that people are voting with their money. "People wouldn't start businesses and rebuild their homes here unless they believed that peace and security were coming to Afghanistan," he said in a recent interview. "This is the most positive sign of all."
The day Taliban soldiers fled this capital, Sabir Latifa had $9,000 in savings from his dried fruit exports and a head filled with ideas about how to do business in a changed Afghanistan.

He started small by fixing up some guesthouses for the journalists and aid workers who flocked to Kabul when the Taliban left in November 2001. Then he branched into cars and a hotel and the capital's first private Internet cafe. Fifteen months later, Latifa has a business empire he says is worth $500,000, and he hopes to build a water bottling plant, more hotels outside Kabul, a computer store and even a chain of Internet cafes around the country.

He did it all in the midst of political chaos, with frequent security concerns, without the help of a bank to lend him money, and in an investment climate that can only be described as extremely challenging.

But Latifa, a longtime Kabul resident, says that where others saw unacceptable risks, he saw the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

This article is based on Wolfowitz's assessment that Iraqi resistance will be less than that in Afghanistan "Forces to face less resistance -- The Washington Times There is a brief track record for Iraq. The U.S. Army occupied the country's southern region for five weeks after Operation Desert Storm. The Americans generally were greeted as liberators by Shi'ites who had been repressed by Saddam's Sunni government.
An Army officer who commanded troops in southern Iraq in 1991 said he found the locals friendly.
"What I saw was very docile and subservient, both civilians and military," the officer said. "Iraq is a more sophisticated society, and the sophisticated society is sick of Saddam Hussein."
This man spent 14 yrs in an Iraqi prison for selling a roll of film to a foreign journalist. He doesn't like Saddam much. Times Online �I am surprised to hear of all the anti-war demonstrations in the West,� he said. �I wish that the demonstrators could spend just 24 hours in the place I have come from and see the reality of Iraq.
�Fourteen lost years of my life. Nothing but bread for food � darkness, filth, beatings, torture, killings, bitterness and humiliation. I wish they could experience it for just 24 hours.�

Monday, February 24, 2003

Who really built Iraq's arsenal? This article claims Germany is the culprit. Mabye that's why they're so against this war, because they don't want to be exposed.
According to this LA Times article, one benefit of toppling Saddam is the possibility of withdrawing American troops from Muslim nations, thus lessening the anti-Americanism they create in the middle east. The Dividends of Delay Testifying before Congress on Feb. 12, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell stated for the first time the most significant grand strategy change that has developed as America has tried to convince its Arab partners to support the use of force against Saddam Hussein.

When the war is over, Powell said, "We'll be able to change the presence levels of American troops throughout [the] region in the absence of a threatening regime like Saddam Hussein's Iraq."

In other words, the administration now accepts the fact that the permanent presence of U.S. military forces in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf breeds terrorism and resentment.
So yesterday I visited my mom's house. I put together a TV stand for her, and we ordered ribs. That's the most interesting thing I did this last weekend. Sheesh! I need to start doing more interesting things, especially now that I have a blog, and the obligation to write interesting things in it!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Is Google too powerful? Interesting story. When Google refers a user to a site, they also include the IP address of the searcher, and the terms searched for. To avoid this, here's a nifty tool that uses Google's search engine, without sending your data out Google watch proxy search engine
Top 50 Interesting Recent Blogs With Context
Ranked by number of new links from blogs in the last 24 hours. See the list!
Caring for Your Introvert Do you know someone who needs hours alone every day? Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk? Who has to be dragged to parties and then needs the rest of the day to recuperate? Who growls or scowls or grunts or winces when accosted with pleasantries by people who are just trying to be nice?

If so, do you tell this person he is "too serious," or ask if he is okay? Regard him as aloof, arrogant, rude? Redouble your efforts to draw him out?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you have an introvert on your hands�and that you aren't caring for him properly. Science has learned a good deal in recent years about the habits and requirements of introverts. It has even learned, by means of brain scans, that introverts process information differently from other people (I am not making this up). If you are behind the curve on this important matter, be reassured that you are not alone. Introverts may be common, but they are also among the most misunderstood and aggrieved groups in America, possibly the world.
Wired News: Why Did Google Want Blogger? Google's acquisition of Pyra would, quite simply, help Google create a more accurate search engine by adding rich new sources of data gleaned from weblogs.

The secret, Cleveland said, is in the scores of links webloggers create every day to content on the Web.

eBay item 2160749477 (Ends Feb-26-03 14:34:45 PST ) - Vintage Very Rare WWII French Battle Flag Go to Ebay if you wish to purchase this wonderful item!
US war against North Korea? US plans total war against Kim While the White House continues its public war of words with North Korea, a battle plan is already being laid in secret by military strategists at the Pentagon.
US war against Filipino Muslim rebels? BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | US troops 'to fight' in Philippines Defence officials in Washington say that hundreds of US troops are to join national forces on combat missions against rebels in the Philippines.
Special forces soldiers - supported if needed by marines - will be used in an offensive against the rebel Islamic group Abu Sayyaf on the southern island of Jolo, the officials said.
US war against Columbian rebels?US considers intervention in Colombia
I want one of these! A large, robotic vending machine! Vending machines that match the minimart |

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I am doing an experiment with my second period class. I am having them email their assignments to me. I created a Yahoo! account for that class, and used filters to search out keywords in the subject line and sort the assignments. The benefits would be that I don't have to lug the floppies around, look at each one daily to see if a new assignment has been added, and the kids could show me their "sent mail" as proof that they sent the assignment to me if any questions arise. I would also have a time/date stamp on each one, so I could see if it was late. Also, it would easier for me to have all their emails current, so I could sent them stuff. For instance, I made a study guide for them on the first chapter of Excel in the book. Their test scores are horrible, and they can't take the book home to study. The guide was six pages, which takes alot of paper and work to create. Also, being freshmen, they are bound to lose the study guide. This way, I could email it to them, and let them print it, or just read it it home or school. We'll see what happens.
Well, not much going on really. I stayed home and took it easy Friday night. I did a little bit of schoolwork and cleaning today, but spent most of my day surfing the web. I did talk to John Quinn today, which was cool. He asked me to purchase some concert tickets for him, as his ISP apparently blocks his access to the site he needed to visit. He told me about plans for the St. Patricks day parade downtown on Saturday, and the South Side Irish parade on Sunday. I'm not sure what I'll do. I was thinking mabye I'd hook up with him on Saturday, because I could take the el downtown, so I don't have to worry about driving.
I really need to get out of the house and start doing more. I'm starting to get cabin fever! And it's supposed to get cold again soon!

Friday, February 21, 2003

What's going on at the Wailing Wall RIGHT NOW?Live Western Wall Camera at Aish
Here's what you get if you search google for "french military victories"
a few funny pics here! From Across the Fruited Plain: Dittoheads Infiltrate Frisco Antiwar Protest
Great, another Osama act! Times Online SADDAM HUSSEIN plans to �disappear� once America attacks Iraq and has told his generals to fight without him, according to an Arabic daily.
Welcome to the blog, Bob!
Well, I guess I won't see Great White at the Rosemont next weekend. Their guitarist still has not been found. He and about 65 other people are presumed dead in a fire that occurred when their pyrotechnics set the ceiling on fire at their last show. Here's a link to the story. Not a good week for nightclubbing!
Make sure to be aware of all emergency exits at the Rosemont. Dont want another E2 or Great White concert.
I fugured it out now. I guess I was not logging on to the blogsite.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

This is a fun and addictive game! Hard, though! BBC - Blobs - Blob Lander
nothing is new today

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I'm going to see the Scorpions, Dokken, and Great White with Don on Feb 28th. Concert is at the Rosemont Horizon.
Interesting article. Argues that America's preocupation with high-tech weaponry ignores the human element of warThe Army's Empire SkepticsThere are those who make the argument that in an era of targets laser-painted by elite forces, technological advance compensates for less-than-optimal human elements. But at a time when some of the most crucial postwar military functions--infrastructure rehabilitation, military police, civil affairs, to name but a few--are almost exclusively the province not of active-duty but of part-time Reserve and National Guard units, training and experience count for a lot. As far as effective occupation-style rebuilding is concerned, officers who have been assigned to the Balkans are skeptical about what might come in Iraq, based on their experiences in Bosnia and Kosovo.

"The preoccupation with force protection kept us more apart from the natives, as well as keeping us from being truly effective in terms of addressing problems that I thought we were there to deal with," says one officer of his Balkans rotation. "I can't imagine it will be any different in Iraq
TEHRAN - Iran said yesterday it has arrested and deported more than 500 infiltrators suspected of links to the al Qaeda terrorist group - but couldn't confirm reports Osama bin Laden's eldest son was among them. IRAN BOOTS QAEDA SUSPECTS
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Saudis launch first al-Qaeda trial Saudi Arabian authorities have revealed that 90 Saudi nationals are to stand trial accused of membership of the al-Qaeda network.
This would be the first prosecution in Saudi Arabia of alleged members of Osama Bin Laden's organisation.
CBS News | A Kinder, Gentler Cigarette? | January 27, 2003�14:54:17 Quest takes a different approach. It allows smokers to choose their nicotine content: Quest 1 has 17 percent less nicotine than an average light cigarette, the company said. Quest 2 has 58 percent less nicotine, and Quest 3 is virtually nicotine-free.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

This is too cool!Dodge shows off a V-10 powered motorcycle The Detroit auto show has seen a lot of concept cars over the decades, but a four-wheel motorcycle powered by a 500-horsepower V-10 engine is a first.
And it may turn out to be more than a concept.

DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler arm Monday unveiled the Dodge Tomahawk -- essentially the 8.3 liter engine from a Dodge Viper mated to a motorcycle frame.

Very good article Weblog Entry - 11/20/2002: "Noise Pollution: Al Qaeda's Disinformation War" At a September 19 hearing of the joint House-Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into September 11, 2001, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz put it this way, "[W]e should not underestimate the skill of our enemies or their determination to conceal their activities to deceive us. They understand how we collect intelligence, how we are organized, and how we analyze information."
Indeed they do. Since September 11, 2001, evidence has mounted that Al Qaeda has a keen understanding of the U.S. intelligence-collection system. Among the numerous written materials confiscated from Al Qaeda lairs in Afghanistan are handbooks on how to evade and deceive U.S. signal-interception systems, including detailed instructions on when various kinds of satellites orbit over specific land areas. Last December the CIA believed that an intercept of bin Laden's voice on the radio in the caves of Tora Bora had pinpointed his location.
According to U.S. intelligence officials, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)--based on an analysis of NSA data--now believes this was deliberate deception.
Here'e a really interesting article about what the experts think TERRORISM: Al Qaedas Next Targets
The following is a series of photos showing a Second-Generation Fuel-Air Explosive (FAE II) delivery sequence (from Navy data film) - Gallery
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | S Korea subway fire kills 120 Some 120 people have been killed and many others injured in a fire on an underground train in the South Korean city of Daegu.According to eyewitness reports, a man started the fire by setting alight a milk container containing flammable liquid in a carriage.
could you believe I found this on an Iranian website? Go down to the "Saddam" WAV file. It's funny! 's Joke Gallery
Former Taliban fighters who escaped Afghanistan have been given political asylum and homes in Britain - even though one of them is quoted as saying: "I live here but I still think America and Britain are enemies of the Afghan people".Taliban fighters win asylum in UK - | Attack on Baghdad will ignite ethnic powder keg in volatile northern Iraq
News Three giant cargo ships are being tracked by US and British intelligence on suspicion that they might be carrying Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
Andy's joined a new band called Dug Out. They plan to play at Phyllises Musical Inn St. Patricks day. I'll keep you posted!
I went out to see some bands Sunday night at the Fireside Bowl on Fullerton. A teacher at school gave me a flyer, and I knew one of the bands was composed of three L*ne teachers, so I decided to check it out. When I get there, turns out it's all kids from school! The three teachers in the band, the other teacher who invited me, and a smattering of parents are the only adults there other than me. I furtively drank a few beers and smoked cigarettes in the lounge area between bands, and enjoyed the bands. The Fireside is a real shithole, though. After that we went out (the teachers) to Nick's Uptown, and had a nightcap. Overall a good time!
Guess there's trouble in paradise Iraqi defence minister 'under house arrest'
Western intelligence officials say they have obtained a glossary of al-Qa'ida code words following the capture of an associate of one of the network's senior operatives.News

Monday, February 17, 2003

We've got to ban it! They mentioned it in the news!Democrat Targets .50 Caliber Revolver for Nationwide Ban
Paul is going to Key West Thursday here's a live cam from a Key West nightclub
Here is a cool blog run by a guy named Salam in Iraq. It's interesting to see what's going on over there. Where is Raed?
I set up a blog for school also. Mister Carlson's Blog
Here's a link to blogdex. They list links to articles most frequently linked to by blogs. I find alot of neat stuff trolling throught their site! blogdex - the weblog diffusion index
don't forget to log on and see how my students rate me! rate my teachers!
This is my new blogchalk:
United States, Illinois, Chicago, Edison Park, English, Scott, Male, 31-35. :)
Here's another further extension of the concept:

"New today, from the people who brought you the world famous Chalkchalking. Yes, prepare to be amazed, you'll marvel in wonder at our latest invention.

First there was Wardialing. Then Wardriving. Next up was Warchalking, Chalkchalking and Blogchalking. Now, MLOD is proud to present......

It works on a very simple principle to locate and identify other bloggers in your location simply by recognising their mobile phone ringtone. I've chosen Nokia's ever popular Grande Valse ringtone played backwards as something unique and easily identifiable as the War Ringing unique ringtone. The rule being, if you have a weblog, upload the War Ringing ringtone to your mobile and everytime it rings you'll be alerting other bloggers to your presence and identifying yourself as a blogger. Then go hug each other or something.

Reversed Grande Valse in Nokia's RTTTL format:

Now, I know that every cellphone works differently in terms of uploading or programming ringtones. If this sounds like a good idea I'll spend more time working out a better system and methods for uploading the ringtone to every phone imaginable." [Momentary Lapses of Dilution]
Check out this short description of warchalking: Warchalking

and here is a description of blogchalking: Blogchalking
check this out! not really that cool, just another test!'Black History Month' Renamed To Promote Anti-War Agenda -- 02/14/2003
here is the main page of fox news. I put this link up by using the "Blog this" feature which blogger offers. It makes it easier to post stuff!
check this out! cnn's web page!
This is my second post. still figuring out how to work this thing.
This is the start of my adventure in blogging!